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Fiber laser cutting machine to determine the characteristics

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Cutting fully adapt to the complex changes in covered products, fully simulate actual mold production situation, no manual correction, fast, short cycle and good cutting quality.
Program fiber laser cutting machine is no longer prepared to stay manual correction, but completely consistent with the theoretical cut edges of three-dimensional processing program for cutting the product directly. It can ensure the cutting process is always consistent with the actual trimming state, there is no case less than two-dimensional crossed the draw. No manual intervention throughout the cutting process, ensuring every process from the source to get the products are consistent with the number of mold, which will require several times the original fumble to get the cut edges reduce the need to only 3-4 times to complete.
Fiber laser cutting machine for metal machining time, cutting lines with greater precision, and can be cut on the slab, but its drawback is that the speed is very slow, and sometimes need to use other methods in addition perforation, threading can be cut, but also severely cut the size limitations of the material can punch laser cutting, cutting, cutting fast processing size range than line cutting a large number.
Laser cutting is widely used in metal processing industry, laser cutting speed, high accuracy. For cutting thin sheet metal, aluminum, stainless steel and other metal sheet has the absolute advantage, which is the fiber laser cutting machine can not be substituted, the reason, I believe that as people demand for laser cutting products continue to increase, more of fiber laser cutting opportunities universal.
Fiber laser cutting machine and other cutting methods are in many different, for some metal parts of the cutting we can take the punching process methods, such as high efficiency, speed, and the cost is low but requires specific molds and tools can be cut and only in the sheets were washed, cut processing, fiber laser cutting machine laser cutting and the cutting method compared with the flexible, can be cut at any arbitrary shape workpieces and do not die a little. Punching process will be difficult or impossible to achieve and therefore not widely used. Flame cutting is one commonly used in the field of metal cutting process, the cutting range of the thickness is very large, but compared with laser cutting, cutting relatively poor surface quality and precision, but capable of cutting thick plate and is larger than the range of the laser processing, so for general or the use of more sophisticated fiber laser cutting machine.

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