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CM-L1326G laser cutting machine

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1, using international advanced DSP control system with continuous, fast curve cutting function and the shortest path optimization process, greatly improving the work efficiency. To compensate for bad light during processing, ensure consistent effect throughout the processing format.
2, a comprehensive support CAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP and other design software, the interface is friendly, close to the industry scene needs.
3, product research and development design and manufacturing process - using the machine level stable solid rack, to ensure the stability and accuracy during fast motion; transmission imported linear guide rail and precision gear, to ensure accuracy.
4, the working platform specially treated easily replaceable knives or cellular platform lightweight, easy maintenance.
5, to achieve a large-format cutting open sheet or engraving process needs to meet a variety of conventional models of plate processing needs.
6, the optical path stability the design, with industrial water-cooled machine, ensure large-format cutting, work table each position of the laser power output is consistent, fast and efficient, and stable processing quality.
7, Multi-document function: This series device can store up to 256 job file, in the case of completely out of the computer, the user can select a file on the engraving machine, easily 256 different products of mass production.

model: CM-L1326G laser cutting machine
Working area: 1300x2600(mm)
Laser power: 80W、100W、130W 
Laser Type: Sealed-off CO2 laser tube
Working platform: Knives mesa
Working speed: ≤600mm/s
positioning accuracy: ±0.05mm
Graphic format supported: BMP PLT DST AI DXF Wait
cooling method: Forced water cooling and protection system
power supply: AC220  50~60Hz  10A
Operating temperature: 0~45℃
Working humidity: 5%~95% No condensation
motor: Step (optional servo)
Dimension: 3480x1880x950(mm)

Operation control computer can work offline

Supports USB data transfer

Machine control system work well

Professional dust cover and high-speed rail

Workmanship laser gantry guard

Laser cutting head

Industrial water cooling machine is equipped with adjustable temperature, guarantee the stable operation of the laser

Fans and air pump

Rubber, plastic, cloth, leather, sponge, wool, glass, tile, jade, wood products.

Such models applied to clothing, leather, sofa, furniture, auto parts, cloth toy, computerized embroidery and clipping, crafts, wood products, advertising decoration, building decoration, packaging, printing, paper products and other industries.

Acrylic crystal words, acrylic bathtub, ceramic products, rubber plate printing, appliqué, profiled trademark, garment leather carved hollow.

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