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Metal cutting industry

CM-L1325HL metal and nonmetal hybrid laser cutting machine

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1, mixing cutting capacity of the machine: for stainless steel, carbon steel, acrylic, and wood can be cut.
2, high-precision machine: stepper motor, with inlet pressure belt transmission, greatly improves the device response speed and cutting accuracy, longer product life.
3, constant optical system: The machine uses a constant light path system, to achieve a full-format high-precision cutting.
4, high cutting precision, good stability: the use of pressure belt drive mechanism, optimized CNC system can meet the precision parts processing, and stable dynamic performance, sustainable long working hours.
5, good cutting section quality: the cutting head by mechanical servo system, the level of the cutting head with the follower plate, cutting point position remains unchanged, the slit smooth, without subsequent treatment section, to adapt to flat or curved sheet metal cutting .
6, the laser machine uses a sealed-off CO2 laser, the use of the main supplies of electricity, cooling water, auxiliary gas and laser lights.
7, the laser machine structure is simple, easy to operate, laser stable operation, low maintenance costs.
model: CM-L1325HLMixed cut
Working area: 1300x2500(mm)
Laser power: 150W、260W
Laser Type: Sealed-off CO2 laser tube
Working platform: Serrated knives platform platform
Working speed: ≤400mm/s
positioning accuracy: ±0.05mm(No red)
Graphic format supported: BMP PLT DST AI DXFWait
cooling method: Thermostatic water cooling and protection system
power supply: AC220V  50~60Hz  10A  max
Operating temperature: 0~45℃
Working humidity: 5%~95% No condensation
Transmission: Screw drive
motor: Fuji servo motor (X / Y / Z)
Dimension: 3460x2000x1160(mm)
Exhaust System: Funnel smoke
Cutting head: Original cutting head
lens: High reflective lens
Cutting system: DSPLaser cutting systems

Control Chassis

X-axis screw


Y-axis linear guides and screw

control panel

Laser cutting head

Fuji servo motor

Cutter strip mesa

Suitable for acrylic, stainless steel, carbon steel, MDF, templates and other materials.

Mainly used in the advertising industry (stainless steel and acrylic), sheet metal industry (steel), the packaging industry (Die) and other cutting.

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